- He's got terrible manners.
- Which of us is perfect?

So be it.
Wait a sec. If it's about
your wife, why didn't you...?

Will you wait? If the whole thing
is about your wife...?

You know what?
The hell with it!

Not a happy camper, huh?
I'm not a camper at all, stud.
Pour it.

See anything you like?
I'm busy.
- Pour it!
- Hope you're not driving.

I hope I am, and I run into
some fucked abutment.

- Take me off, will you?
- That'll rot your stomach lining.

Yeah, but I get to drink it first.
- That's all I need.
- What?

There goes my job.
You see his badge?

Do you know where that guy is from?
And he caught me drinking on shift.

End of a perfect day.
- That's Betty Croft.
- What's her problem?

- She's a drunk.
- She's a drunk.

You bet she is.
- Why is she important?
- She gets us in the door.

She gets us in the door, how?
I want you to leave the uniforms
on the porch 3 or 4 days.