Is this guy
planning to stay there?

He doesn't bother anyone.
He chats with Elsa.

Come on, he'll get bored
and will leave soon.

He'd better go or I'll call
the police. He's all we needed!

Stubborn foreigner!
Who are you talking about?
If you go on teasing me, take
your plate and sit next to him.

And if you like him so much,
let him sleep in your house.

No, I only like Italians.
Besides, who knows
if it's true what he says?

And that about the restaurant?
Is it true?

Yes, Federico, it's true. But
I haven't told Angel yet.

But why the rush?

No, it's no rush. There's
a time for everything.

I don't get it, Oli.
Do you forget...

:25:24 much you invested in
this place? -How can I forget?

That's it. I can't go on.
I'm tired.

We're getting old, Federico.
No, I'm not old, and you
aren't either. What's old?

-See you.
-See you.