All of them, almost.
Don't feel bad.
At the beginning Buenos Aires
seems to eat you alive,...

... but then you get used
to it. It's easier.

You don't have to lose
your faith.

Do you have faith?
Now I think my father
in Germany was right.

Says I'm crazy... Travel without
know about her for so long,...

-... with, without money...
-When did you see her last?

A year and a half or so...
Parents always say you're
crazy when you're young.

Do you have a daughter?
No, that's not my daughter.
How old do you think I am?
She's an Italian who came
here like you,...

... with no money.
With a suitcase,
a name and an address.

-She also came here seeking
someone. -A man?

-Yes. -And when she comes,
she find him?

Yes. They met
after a long time,...

... after some years.
-In a movie theater.
-But the man...

... she looks for,
waits for her?

Yes, well... Things were
different at that time.

It was after the war.
There were few telephones,...

... letters got lost...
The same happened
with people.

People got lost too.
The irony was he was writing
to her to a desert village...