-Like my father.

He couldn't remember name
of the park when is a child,...

-... on other side.
-What side were you?

East. My family lived in one
side and the other...

... until wall... fall.
And what happened
to your father?

When I was a child...
... he watch the wall
in silence, next to me.

And when it fell,
my father cried.

I never saw him cry
before that day.

First thing he did,...
... come back to this park.
Did he recognize it?
It must have been
very different.

Yes, but he found the same,
like past.

Where do you live now?
My older sisters live in Berlin.
Me and my father...

... moved to Koblenz...
... six years before. He say:
Don't want live in big city.

Is Germany a nice country?
Yes, it's nice.
But here it's nicer.
In Germany there isn't
this sun,...

... this blue sky,...
... loving people...
... and all this.
If robbed, like I, have nothing,...
:59:47 help there. You are broke,
like you say here: ''in balls''.

-You learnt very quicky.
-Angel is a good teacher.

-Yes, sure, Angel!
-And you.

No, I don't say ''in balls''.