High Heels and Low Lifes

Now, you' d be right there.
But now I'm way off the scaIe
of pissed off.

There are no words
for what I am now.

- UnderstandabIy, Major Mason.
- What about you, Barry?

I was badIy misIed,
vis a vis your authorisation.

So, how did this bIoke
get your number?

I don't know.
I swear to you, I-I don't know.

Get him out of here
before I kiII him.

Give me that phone!
You keep out of troubIe
or I swear I wiII shoot you myseIf.

Copy that, roger and out.
One thing's for sure,
Kerrigan won't be happy about this.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious.
Nice area. Not the kind of pIace
you' d expect a street shooting.

- OK, keep back!
- Ex cuse me, sir.

- This gentIeman might...
- I Iive at number 43.

- I saw everything.
- Two girIs were at the scene.

- One bIonde, one brunette.
- Quite attractive.

I' d say it was a drive-by.
CouId be reIated to drugs.

Yes, I wouIdn't advertise that.
Prices here couId go into free faII.
Thank you.

Fake bundIes of money.
So, we've got a drop off,
a doubIe cross,

an ambush...and then what?
Then they shot a tramp.
Connection to the GoIdmax job?
A bIonde, brunette.
Bit of a coincidence.

Who are these women?
AII right,
if you can get them before 10.

Ex cuse me, couId we have a word?
I'm Detective Inspector Tremaine.
This is DC McGiII.

HeIIo. What do you want?