I Am Sam

Thank you
very, very, very, very much.

You got it, Sam.
Is that too big?
I think that's a little too big.
You need a pair of
good, sturdy school shoes.

These are sturdy.
The arches
are very important.

No. Sturdy is boring, Sam.
These shoes light up, OK?
These are really good shoes
for school.

I know. I love them.
I found the most perfect shoes.
They look like the shoes
that Dorothy wore...

played by Judy Garland
in "The Wizard of Oz"...

directed by Victor Fleming.

These are pink.
These are also Velcro.

They might have
a little arch in there, too.

Sam, these are
probably too big...

but I thought maybe
Lucy would like those.

When we were at the zoo,
she liked the animal prints.

But these are for adults.
But when we went--
I don't know you.

I don't know who you are.
I like these, Daddy.
She knows what she likes.
That's why she likes these.

- Black goes with everything.
- How much are these?

$16.19 with tax.
Because I have $6.25.
That's all you have?
I didn't get my whole check
because I had to go...

to the parent and teacher
meeting this week.

I'm sorry. It's $16.19.
I couldn't go to work
all day that day.

It's OK, Sam, because
I have $3.00 to contribute.

Sam, I've only got
two plus two...

but I need one for stamps,
so 1... 2... 3.

Joe's got $1.50.
Yeah. So, is that enough?
If there's a God.
I'll count it.