In the Bedroom

Come to what?
You having to run errands for Mom.
I'm thinking of building
a couple hundred more traps.

See if I can do better
than break even.

It 'll take you more then 2 years
to get an off-season license.

Unless Henry takes me
on as his sternman.

-You think he'd do that?

It 's as good a life as any.
It was good enough for your father.
And sometimes things
just skip a generation.

You don't think...?
You don't think you might
need something more?

Why? So I can have an lvy League
education like you, and...?

If it 's so great, why do you
sneak out every day to come here?

I like spending time with my son.
I don't know, Dad.
It 's just... I don't know.
She's a wonderful girl.
And that 's what I see.
Frank! How long will
you be parked here?

I'd like to unload.
-Give me a hand?
-Yeah, sure.