In the Bedroom

-Doctor, what were you expecting?
-I have no idea.

Dr. Fowler, how do you feel
about Strout 's bail?

Dr. Fowler, have you had
contact with Mr. Strout?

How's Mrs. Fowler handling this?
-Dr. Fowler!
-Please! No more questions.

Can you believe this?
I ask those idiots to leave
and no one budges, not one.

What are we supposed to do,
make them sandwiches?

-What are you asking for?

If you want them to leave,
tell them to leave.

-Okay, I'll tell them to leave.

They never come up
to the standard.

Andso they're always
disappointed. Always.

They're never doing enough
or working hard enough...

they never behaved right enough,
were never a good enough father...

or husband. And not only can
they not please themselves...

sad to say, nobody else
can please them either.