Jan Dara

"Vilairek Visanan"
Father and daughter
were a perfect match

Khun Luang spent less time
being angry with me

So that he could spend more time
teaching her how to be just like him
fate brought other new faces...

...into my life around that time
I had many of my formative
experiences in those years

Khun Jan works so hard
Can I help you?
I'm moving in
Master's orders
'Khen and Saisoi'
Khen and Saisoi
were made for each other

Khen was the son of a cook
Saisoi was brought in
by Khun Luang as Kaew's nanny

If she wasn't taking care of Kaew...
...or doing something for Khun Luang
She always disappeared
into Khen's room

What are you doing out there?
Come on!

Khen was like a best friend to me
He was two or three years older
We were very different,
but got along fine