Jeepers Creepers

-You and your brother.
-Me and my brother?

You and Darry. I saw you with lots of cats.
Who the hell is this?
How do you know Darry?

Who is this?
You know the cats I'm talking about?

Who is this?
You have a torn shirt, right?
And a bloody hand.
Shirt's torn just above
a small rose tattoo...

...on your stomach.
Who is this?
How the hell do you know us?
You found its house of pain.
The what?
Those bodies down there...
...that's what it likes to call it...
...its house of pain.
I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

I don't know if it's a demon or a devil...
...or just some hungry thing...
...from some dark place in time.
I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

I just know it's not gonna stop
coming after you...

...or anyone else it wants to.
Once it has the scent
of something it likes...

:37:09 can't stop.
-Is what....
-What is she saying?

I saw that awful truck, too.
With the license plate.
"Beating You?"
The license plate on its truck.
Right, "Beating You"?
No, think about it.
Think about it, for Christ's sake.
Hold on. I need you to listen to this.
"Jeepers Creepers,
where'd you get those peepers?

"Jeepers Creepers,
where'd you get those eyes?"

You hear that song, you run.
And I mean run.
'Cause that song means
something terrible for you.

Something so terrible
you couldn't dream of it...

...not in your worst,
most terrible nightmare.

Fuck you, lady!