Jeepers Creepers

He's got them all stitched together
like some kind of quilt.

-I'm just trying to get all the facts here.
-And I told you the facts!

This guy drives an old brown truck...
...and it nearly killed us.
We saw him throw a body down a pipe...
...that dumps into the cellar
of that old church.

This guy must have 500,
maybe 600 bodies down there...

...and I've seen them!
Stuck up on the walls...
:40:26 some psycho version
of the Sistine Chapel!

What, you don't believe me?
Drive out to the old church
if you think I'm lying.

No one's saying you're lying.
Good, because I'm not lying!
Look at this from my point of view.
This is a pretty big story
you're laying on us here.

That's your car out at the pumps, isn't it?
Bunch of folks saw him from the window.
The man there at your car.
He was standing there at your car...
...sniffin' that laundry...
...holding big handfuls of it under his nose.
Looked like he was liking it, too.
Which way he run off, Binky?
Still think I bumped my head?
He had time to get to the church,
then back here.

This guy is after us!
And he's after us
'cause he knows what we saw.

And now he even knows my name.