Jeepers Creepers

Don't tell me you actually like him.
I thought the waitress had dialed
the wrong number.

The guy looked like a strip-o-gram cop.
Like the missing link.
I wanna bring him to my Anthro class
for show and tell.

In sports, the national....
-That's the song!
-What's the matter with you?

The words are the same.
where did you get those eyes...."

What is the matter with you?
That's the same song
that lady on the phone was playing!

These kids say the vehicle chased them
doing over 100, go ahead.

A preliminary came back on that dust
you took off the car handle.

It's dead skin.
Long dead. That's why it was powder.
Say what?
That's it! The words are the same, listen!
"Jeepers Creepers,
where'd you get those weepers."

Hold on, Central, the sky is falling.
She was playing this song to us,
and she said if we heard it....

This is it.