Jeepers Creepers

Don't even think about
bringing the cops out here...

...with their zoning crap.
They try to tell me
how many cats people can have.

I'll have as many cats as I wanna have.
You can tell them that for me.
Please, someone's been killed.
Killed, you say?
Yeah, a policeman.
Holy Jesus, I thought....
I thought you meant one of my babies.
-Did you hear what I just said?
-Let's get out of here.

You can call the Sheriff's station,
just don't give them this address.

And tell them to go out on the
interstate where they ought to be.

My babies don't like strangers.
How many babies do you have?
More than a couple.
We've gotta get out of here right now.
Tell me this happens all the time.
Holy shit.
You kids got anyone else with you?