Joy Ride

- No. Forget it.
- Come on, man.

You did a girl
when we pranked, uh--

- Oh, yeah, Mr. Schramm.

- That was good.
-No, I was nine.

That was what I sounded like then.
This is like a prehistoric Internet,
or something.

Come on! You fuck with
someone in a chat room.

- It's the same thing.
-No, forget it.

Come on, man!
Say, uh, "Hey, Black Sheep,
this is, uh, Candy Cane. '"

Just say it.
You'll be amazing.

Hey, Black Sheep, this is Candy Cane.
I been lookin' for ya all day.
That was horrible.
Howdy there, Candy Cane.
This is Black Sheep.

I'm right on schedule.
Now, say, uh, "I'll see ya
later on tonight, honey."

- Go, go, go!
- So I guess I'll be seein' ya

- You got it.
and I'll see
your beautiful ass in the P.M.

- So, what was that about?
-Just wait.

Candy Cane, come on.
I knew it!
These guys are so fuckin' horny.

Get him goin'. Get him all worked up,
and then in the middle of it...

say, "Hey, guess what?
I'm a dude."

No way. I can't do that.
Come on, man!
Come on.

-Come on, man, it'll be fun.
Come on, just do it.
Do it.
Hey there, who's this?
- Rusty Nail.
- Nice. Nice.

Well, Rusty Nail, I hope
you're doin' better than I am.

Man, this drive, it seems like
it's takin' forever.

- Roger that, Candy Cane.
- Aw, you got him. You got him!