Joy Ride

-Good mornin'.
-How are you today?

Pretty good.
How are you?

- Where are you boys from?
- Originally, New Jersey.

- U h-huh. What are you doi n' here?
- We're drivin' cross-country.

- My brother-- Yeah, Lewis.
- Your brother?

- Where is he?
- In the room. I don't know.

We had a little incident here
last night. Did you hear anything--

any sounds, or anything
out of the ordinary?

Yeah, actually, uh, uh, next door
I heard some sounds.

-Next door?
- Yeah.

-Could you describe those sounds?
- Yeah, sure.

They were like, uh--
No, wait.
Like that.
- What's goin' on?
- All right, this is Lewis.

There was a "sitchy-ashun"
Iast night. That's all I know.

So after you heard these sounds,
uh, did you look out your window?

- Did you open your door?
- No, sir.

- What happened?
- After you closed your door,

you didn't see anybody else until
I knocked on your door this morning?

That's right. Well, we did call
the night manager, because we were...

uh, concerned, right?
- Right.
- Oh, yeah. Yeah. He mentioned that.

And he also said that one ofyou
had an altercation with the victim.

- Which of you was that?
- Wait. The night manager said what?

Apparently one ofyou had words
with the victim, in the motel office...

- when you were checkin' in?
- No, no. We never met--

- What?
- Ellinghouse.

Ronald Ellinghouse.
He was staying in Room 1 7.

The huge guy?
Yeah, I met him.

-But he's-- He's not the one--
- What happened to him?

It wasn't comely.
I'm sorry. I don't know
what that means.

He was found early this mornin'
lyin' face down...

on the highway median.
So, you're saying that the--
the huge guy is the victim.
You have no idea who might have visited
Mr. Ellinghouse's room last night?