Juana la Loca

God chose to make me
Queen of Castile.

My people have crossed the seas
in search of another world.

Yet the sea is still a mystery to me.
I am too old to undertake a voyage.
So you will never come to see me.
My duty is to your father
and to Castile,

as your duty will be
to Philip of Habsburg,

to Burgundy and to Flanders.
I shall obey you, Mother.
I know that my life, like yours,
requires greater endeavor

than my humble person can offer.
That is so.
My prayer book.
I got it from my mother.
You were born a princess
and must accept it.

It is true that your marriage
to Philip is for political reasons,

but some happiness is also possible.
No one, except God,
possesses the power and knowledge
of what is to come.

Did you know Father
before you married him?

I married Ferdinand for love.