Juana la Loca

Brigitte de la Motte.
Carlota de Foix.
Inés de Bravante.
The letter, Madam.
The letter.
"I have the honor to address
the Archduke of Austria and
Duke of Burgundy and Bravante,

and to wish you every blessing
on behalf of my beloved parents,

the monarchs of Castile and Aragon.
I also wish to express
my joy and satisfaction

on establishing between our kingdoms
an eternal union blessed
by the Pope and the Church."

The princess and I wish
to be married immediately.

Who must give us the blessing?
Sire, it is the Bishop of Malinas
who is to bless this union,

but that will be, God willing,
a week from now.

The ceremony will take place
on that day as planned,

but the princess and I wish
to celebrate it in privacy, now.

Do you agree, Princess?
Your blessing, Father.
Kneel down.