Juana la Loca

She wants to devour me.
You're the only princess
who breast-feeds her children.

- Why do you insist?
- I like it.

And so does Eleanor.
It helps ease
the pain in my breasts.

There are other ways
to ease that pain.

I will not be milked like a cow.
My daughter is alive and I want
to feed her with my own blood.

Your words and your behavior
are surprising everyone.

Don't get dressed.
Lord de Veyre received a letter
from my father. I have to see him.

Let him wait.
He has told me
there is important news

regarding our friends from France.
Your husband has duties which
require his attention, Madam.

My husband's first duty
is to make me happy.

I am full.
You are mad.
Joan, it is barely a month
since you gave birth.

We mustn't abandon ourselves
to such transports.

Despite everything,
the days and months passed
happily in the palace.