Juana la Loca

No, it isn't him.
You were saying?
The king goes out every afternoon,
and he doesn't come back
for at least three hours.

I had my page HernĂ¡n follow him.
Where did the king go?
You will never guess.
He went to a mansion
known to be a place of sin.

Are you sure it was the king?
Yes, yes, yes!
Would to God
I were mistaken, Elvira!

Madam, think. There can only be
the lowest of women in that place.

And what? They're still women
like us, aren't they?

Don't they have the same
between their legs as we do?

He's here!
He's here!
I was worried.
Joan, please.
- Tell me if you're unfaithful.
- What do you mean?

I know you visit
a house of ill repute.

Answer me. At least
take the trouble to lie.

It's impossible for us
to live in peace.