Juana la Loca

and I could not do without you,
but I have to leave for Burgos.
- With the monarchs perhaps?
- Yes.

With the monarchs.
Follow me,
and ask in exchange
whatever you may desire.

A house, possessions, servants,
and even an allowance.
- Are you a friend of the king?
- More than a friend.

You could say that the king and I
are one and the same person.
I want to be a lady-in-waiting.
Don't you want to have me near?
It's dangerous.
For me or for you?
For both of us.
Whether here or in Burgos,
I need protection,

exposed as I am
to the rumors and condemnations
of the townspeople.

I am a Moor.
The only protection I have
is that offered by Captain Corrales.
Before you spill forth,
I demand an answer.

Whatever you want.