Juana la Loca

Yes, I am listening.
You said the people were
going hungry. Continue.

The king,
backed by some noblemen,
is claiming that your state of...

It isn't you.
Maria del Llano, your turn now.

Is their writing so important?
- More than anything.
- More than saving a kingdom?

More than that.
Nor is it you.
You, Amalia.
Madam, listen to me.
Some doubt your capacity to rule.
You must rule
- and clarify matters.
- Yes, later.

It isn't you, either.
- The king is plotting against you!
- How dare you!

- He wants to help Castile.
- Cristina de Acevedo.

- Why aren't you writing?
- I don't know how to.

You don't know how to write?
Untrue, gentlemen!

Do you believe this lady
does not know how to write?

Get out of here.
Out, out, out.
Where is Beatriz?
Send her to me.
But she is our queen, gentlemen.
You've seen and heard it.
Can you deny the evidence?

Could she be madder?
Come here, Beatriz.
- Write whatever comes to mind.
- You know it isn't necessary.