Juana la Loca

- Is this your letter?
- It is mine.

You are frank, at least.
What have you done to the king?
What spell did you cast on him?
The king loves me.
The king loves all
who flatter his instincts.

The king loves me,
and I love the king.

Be quiet!
Kneel down before
the queen of Castile!

- Kneel!
- The king hates you and loves me!

I'll only kneel before him.
I'm dreaming.
What is this slut saying?

I believe she is defying me.
The king enjoys me, not you.
You say that to my face?
A queen can receive
no greater offense!

Attention! Line up!
Your swords!
Defend yourself!
Defend yourself, or I'll have
to summon your master Satan!

Defend yourself!
God of vengeance,
destroy this witch!

Kill her and her lover
with the black death!

Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
Kill her!
Madam, seeing you like this,
your enemies will be convinced

that you are mad.
That is the sad heritage
bequeathed by Isabella of Portugal
to her granddaughterJoan.

That queen was mad,
and the queen of Castile is also mad.

That, my lords, is the sad truth
for me and for Castile.

You may leave.
My thanks to all of you.