Juana la Loca

the senseless dream of becoming
the master of Castile.

Your madness excuses you, Madam.
Do not hide, my lord Juan Manuel.
A descendant of
Saint Ferdinand the King

covering up the excesses
of an archduke of Austria.

You too have come here,
my lord Marquis of Villena,

Duke of Escalona.
Perhaps these gentlemen do not know
that your ancestor
Diego LÕpez Pacheco

was one of the assassins
of Lady Inés de Castro,

that your noble father
gave poison to Prince Alfonso,

that you had your first wife killed.
If Heaven would grant you
sufficient understanding,

you might see that you can offer
nothing but oppression to Castile.

Yours is truly a glorious race!
I am well aware
that these doctors here
want to lock me up as a lunatic.

But I will not allow it.
Kill people, my lords.
That is your right.

But you may not yet bury them alive!
Be quiet!
This assembly has already
decreed your arrest.

As for you, Philip,
what can I say
to console you?
You are pale.
Ambition is devouring you.
You need a lot of strength to act
in accordance with your greed.