Juana la Loca

Give me your breath.
Put your lips on my forehead,
and forgive me.
- Your forgiveness, Joan.
- No, don't go.

Don't leave me, my love.
Tell me that you want to live.
Say it. Say...
I want to live, I want to live.

Say it, my love.
Say, I want to live.

Say it.
Is he going to die?
It would be best if you left, Madam.
Philip wanted to be buried
in Granada,

and to carry out this wish
the queen set out across
the lands of Castile.

But the cortege didn't get very far.
In Torquemada,
it had to stop so thatJoan
could give birth to a girl,

the posthumous fruit
ofher passion for Philip.

She would never reach Granada.
Although Parliament never
took away her title of queen,

Joan, at the age of 28,
was shut away in the castle
of Tordesillas.