Just Visiting

Not so fast.
How shall I know thy magic
is sufficient to the task?

WITCH: Does thou find
proof enough in this?

EARL: Aah!
That will do!
Take it, witch!
Was that proof enough,
my lord?

Come to the king's castle
tomorrow night...

and carry out my plan.
If you fail...
you will be burned.

[Witch cackles]
NARRATOR: Our hero, of course,
knew none of this.

He was safely
in his entourage...

traveling, he thought,
to his wedding.

Here he is--
the Count of Malfete.

He is also a duke,
a baron, and a lord.

A nobleman, plagued by
only those small things...

which inconvenience
a knight--

the permanent presence
of his sisters...

his mother and father...
and, as all knights
must endure...

an idiot servant, Andre...
whose smell
made people faint...

a considerable achievement...
among a population
who never bathed.

FATHER: Down, peasant!
[Man laughing]
The duke, or Thibault...

as his subjects were
not allowed to call him...

was joyous.
The long-awaited day
of his marriage...

had come at last.
What have we got here?

Another lot of
bloody royal bastards?

Must be that French duke...

come to marry
the king's daughter.

Mind the forest!