Just Visiting

[Alarm blaring]
THIBAULT: What is this?
The Gates of Hell!

Look at its eyes of fire!

[Car honking]
ANDRE: Dragon!
It's a red dragon!

What the hell are you doing?
ANDRE: Take that, beast!
["Macarena" begins
playing in Spanish]

[CD skips and stops]
ANDRE: We have killed it!
THIBAULT: Ah, yes.
It is no longer breathing.

God is punishing us
for practicing the Black Arts.

Let us pray for forgiveness.
Heavenly Father,
forgive us our sins.

ANDRE: We are so, so,
so, so, so...so sorry.

[Police radio squawking]
[Knock on door]
Dr. Brady?

Ah, Julia.
This is Julia Malfete...

who heads up
the Medieval Art department.

She donated the famous
12th century castle exhibit.

Julia designed the exhibit
where we found the two men.

That stuff right there is
the result of the body search.

The big guy
had the gold coins...

the sword, the shield,
and that ring.

The little guy
had the salt pork...

the sausage, the dagger...
a molar.
And that box...
which he probably stole.

Not from us.
JULIA: Most thieves
take valuable things.

They usually don't bring them.
This is a Gothic pixis...
and this is the kind of design
they were making in Canterbury...

at the end of
the 12th century.

It has emeralds and rubies.
Why did the two men sleep here?