Just Visiting

[Song lyrics indistinct]
THIBAULT: Peasants, which one
of you can show me to a wizard?

There will be a reward.
Sir Lancelot here's
looking for a wizard.

Aren't we all? Ha ha ha!
THIBAULT: I am not Lancelot.
I am Thibault,
Count of Malfete...

Duke of Anjou,
Baron of Orleans...

Lord of Libourne.
MAN: Yeah?
Well, I'm Sid from Cicero...

Duke of Hazzard,
Baron of Billiards...

and Lord of Lord-knows-what...
and I challenge you to a duel.
En garde!
Do not make me kill you.
En garde, I say.
You watching this, honey?

[Crowd gasps]
THIBAULT: I should kill you
for your insolence...

but I am too thirsty...
so instead,
I will quench my thirst...

and yours and yours.
[All cheer]
Drink up!
[Music playing on boom box]
You're not gonna
believe a word of this.

Not a word of it.
Guess whose exhibit...

had another visitor
last night?

There was sparks flying...
and all sorts
of weird noises.

Then there was this poof.
BRADY: Poof.
And a green flash,
and then bang, he was there.

Who was there?
-The wizard-looking dude.

He burnt the bed spread
where he came in.

BRADY: Absolutely shocking.
Wait a minute.
This wasn't here before.