Koroshiya 1

Watch your mouth.
What are you looking at?
Hasn't he had enough?
In that case,
why don't you pay off his debts?

Watch out, or you'll get hurt.
- What gang are you with?
- The Anjo gang.

Ichi The Killer
l don't know what backwater
you're from,

Hi, Myu-Myu?
but you have ''sitting duck''
written all over your forehead.

ItÂ’s me,
- Inoue, don't!
- I thought I'd strengthen my resolve

Aren't you Japanese?
No need.
Ichi will take care of everything.

Don't you understand
what I am saying?

Lately we only go in
to clean up after Ichi.

Found it.
Anyhow, get out of here.
I thought l told you to quit.
Get a move on, l said.
What the hell?
If l can't shoot up,
you can't use my phone.

Don't be shy. Eat up.
Let's go.
Boss Anjo, he's the cop
who lost his gun.

He became known as
an Olympic marksman.

You must be hungry.
Go ahead and eat.