La Fiebre del loco

Listen, did you know the
little old man has AlDS?

-'Cause of the soot.

-Another one!
-Come, Canuto!

Don't waste your time.
Don't you see he's a buyer now?
-What's the ambition of a napkin?
-What? -To have a napkin ring.

Hi, how are you?
-How are you?
-Fine. -Cheers.


Let's play cards!
-l want it!
-l want it!

Take the branches off
so that they won't tickle.

Have you seen my husband?
Nelly, have you seen don Bernabe?
-l think he left.
-Alone or with someone?

-That l don't know.

...we don't spy on our clients.
That's weird. You know how hot
they get with the Locos...

...and their pockets full of money.
ln older times, when my husband
visited whores,...

...he had to sail all the way to
Puerto Aysen. And if the sea...

...was rough, sometimes nobody
dared to go for weeks.

For better or worse, we were
isolated... and quiet.

You've changed all that.
What do you mean by that?
One has ears.
lf you believe everything
you hear, it's your problem.

l've got work to do. Excuse me.
Give me a mint liquor.
A small one.

Right away.