La Fiebre del loco

C'mon, girls, shut up.
Listen! Listen!
They've only spent vouchers there.
C'mon, let's go to bed.
Tomorrow we'll see.

-Bye, bye.
-Bye, see you tomorrow.

Jesus, it's cold. Hurry up.
-C'mon, don Pedro...
-Hey, hey! -C'mon!

Relax. Don't you get rude!
Stop it!

-C'ome on, cut it out.

Hey, buddy!
Hey, pal!

Let's go to the boat.
-No, pal, no way...

-You're freezing here.
C'mon, let's go. -No

Let's go! You're freezing.
-Hold on to me.
-Hey, Lucho!

-Come here.

-No, watch out.
-You watch out.

Hug me, my king.
We'll treat you well here.
Men are so weird.
The more fun they have,
the worst they feel.

You have a sentence for everything.
Why don't you write a book?

You'd be famous.
-Whore and writer?
-Why not?

Look at him, he looks like a monkey.
l bet he's suffering for someone.