La Fiebre del loco

Have a drink.
Don't be sad.
C'mon, it's not worth it.

l'm not sad.
Why are women always fucked up
for the same things?

-What's that?
-For love. Actually for being stupid.

Because love, l mean that
kind of love, does not exist.

Nobody will give you what you
really need. Especially...

...if you're married. l know that
from experience.

At first, it's beautiful,...
...l have to admit.
You're touching the stars.

You have to make the most of it.
'Cause months... or a year later,...

:50:59 begin to feel strange,
put aside, lonely,...

...they won't listen to you anymore.
You want tenderness and they...

...grab your tits. You don't
count anymore. Tits and fuck.

Then you start hating the asshole,
his smell, his pissing...

...outside the bowl knowing
you'll be the one who'll clean.

And your whole married life
will be like that.

And the shithead is gonna
cheat on you,...

:51:29 can bet on that.
Look, l would marry again, but to
an old millonaire. l'd kill him from...

...fucking, and l'd keep everything
he has. For possessions,...

...but for love?
l also would.
Why did l meet you...
...ifyou weren't meant for me?
Why did l adore you...