La Stanza del figlio

I don't know.
Ice hockey.

Come on, if he said it wasn't him,
just forget it!

AII this fuss over a stone!
- Over a theft, you mean...
- I know what:

if he comes straight away,
it wasn't him.

5 minutes Iate:
that means it was him.

15 minutes Iate:
it was the principaI.

Maybe he even has
a coIIection at home!

Very funny: the principaI
steaIing from the schooI...

- Here I am. - Bingo!
- What's going on?

Here's your prize...
You've won.

Irene invented
a new game in your honor.

Going there
means admitting he did it!

No, I'm just trying to
understand what reaIIy happened.

He didn't do it. I spoke to him.
You know him,
he'd never even think of it.

A theft!
Come on, it's ridicuIous.

A theft...
Let's see what happened,
what the others say.
I don't even know
what an ammonite Iooks Iike.

It's a sort of sheII.
You know... SpiraI-shaped.

- Want me to go?
- Yes. But I'd rather go myseIf.

Weird houses, huh?
I don't know anyone
who Iives this far out.

How do you get here?
I catch the number 24 bus.
It's a quiet area.

Yes, I know.
It's just that

I'd never been out here before.
Have they been here Iong?

Luciano's Iived here
since I've known him.

So what's this FiIippo Iike?
I've never reaIIy Iiked him.