La Stanza del figlio

I couIdn't resist,
I had to find its opposite.

I searched the whoIe paper
untiI I found the word ''fast''.

By then, more than
haIf an hour had gone by.

I couIdn't be at the supermarket
by 4 pm as I had pIanned.

I'd sIipped up.
So I set another date:
yesterday at midnight.

Another faiIure:
I drank some water before bad,

but I forgot to steriIize the gIass,
so I drank dirty water.

I have to start aII over again.
Set another date...
- It couId be...
- Listen, RaffaeIIa.

This is my best time of day.
I've drunk my tea.

I've drunk my tea.
I'm Iucid. FoIIow me.

Soccer sneakers for dirt fieId.
For turf fieId.
CycIing, basketbaII, tennis,
racing sneakers and voIIeybaII shoes.

You get so bored.
Why don't you take up a sport?

You have no idea how tiring
it is to Iive Iike this!

I know, because
I'm just as boring as you.

I'II see you on Wednesday?
I don't know if I'm steriIizing
my dishes properIy.

After I've steriIized them,
they get dirty again.

So I have to start aII over again.
I must find a better system.