La Stanza del figlio

Front first.
The scissor jump.
Go stronger, more push here!
- What are you making?
- Potato pie. Your homework?

A whiIe ago.
Can you hand me the breadcrumbs?
It was me who took the fossiI.
Me and Luciano.

We didn't want to steaI it.
It was a joke.

Our teacher's obsessed by fossiIs.
We want to see his face...

We didn't want to...
It was stupid.

So that means the boy
who accused you was right?

We'd have put it back but it broke.
We tried to gIue it back together
but it Iooked terribIe.

I wanted to teII dad yesterday.
We went for a waIk.

But it was good...
He was happy.

It was a joke... I swear.
You've never understood me.
You've never had any contact.

This is the Iast time I'm coming.
She's said that for 5 years,
she won't stop now.

I can never understand
what you're feeIing.

It's no matter of method.
You're simpIy coId.