La Stanza del figlio

Look at this cup:
it's chipped.

The cup's chipped!
This vase is cracked:
Iet's turn it round.

Everything's chipped
and damaged in this house!

Everything's scratched, broken!
''If the master knew when the thief
wiII come, he wouId not be robbed.''

The thief, the master...
What kind of shit sentence is that?

It's just a sentence...
What is it?
What the heII does it mean!

What does it matter?
Look at this ashtray.
It's chipped. Let's hide it.

My favorite teapot. We broke it,
then gIued it back together...

We did a good job,
you can't teII.

But even this is...

After the treatment, I don't
feeI weII. But I'm pretty caIm.

It depends on our attitude
in reIation to iIIness.

You mustn't give in, right?
They often say
that the patient's attitude