Le Pacte des loups

People even sang about it.
-They should prey.

Would captain Duhamel need
Gods help?

Who can without god's help?
Duhamel disguises his soldiers in

To get the Beast. What a strategy.
-Duhamel does all he can.

I think you're obliging.
Duhamel is incapable.

They destroy a lot.
But the Beast is still there.

Like taxes are ment to be
for paying Duhamel...

...I rather give it to my

What do you think?
Mylord Duke likes carp at,
but he is a good christian.

When you arrived,
they were boring me...

...with the good God and all
that holy talk.

The pope would even have
sent a spy...

...to see if the Beast has anything
to do with the devil.

Excuse me.
Marianne de Morangias.
Difficult, very difficult.

Everybody was breaking their minds
about it.

Who is next?
-Maxime des Forets. Actor.

That will be easy.
-Be careful. He's a Morangias...

-Hello, mylord, we were talking..

Are you Maxime des Forets?
What a pleasure.
Good actors are rare.

The Marquis was talking about you.
-The Marquis?

He wants to have a chronicle written
about his family.

He's thinking about you.
-Is he?