Le Pornographe

Look at that one.
You're no longer interested
in architecture?

I'm interested in Monika.
For years,
we've been living in the shadow...

...of their past liberation.
So we become the passive spectators...
...of a failure
that we're now the actors of.

I'm sick of it.
It's the old generation's fault.
We just got here.

And so they say
we're a privileged generation.

Aren't the ecologists gross?
Nostalgic old farts.
Today is June 30th.
I know we have to refuse.
Because there must be an alternative.

Got to be Iucid, vigilant.
Let's begin with:
''We live in joyless times,
it's also our fault.

We must think carefully.
Make radical, irrevocable decisions.

How can we answer a government...
...for whom we are just
an abstract idea?

The question is love.
Am I loved?
Am I good enough to be loved?

Same thing for society.
Do we deserve its love?

Now there are nothing
but autonomous, violent groups.

And science...
...that can transform a man
into his wife's clone!

Politics should propose and not deny.
We must create.

Let's be mute.
The ultimate protest.