Le Souffle

Don't say ''fuck''.
Move, goddammit!
We slave our asses off here.
At your age, l did ten times more.
l always get the shit jobs.
Go ahead and complain!
We didn't have what you've got now.

You can't compare it.
We're zen. We just try to live.
Not like you.

l wonder what you need...
A kick up the ass, l reckon!
Yeah, right!
Get me some wood!
Not again!
There aren't enough embers.
lt'll never be cooked!
Wrap your fingers around my cock!
Wrap, wrap, wrap!
The ladies haven't phoned.
They won't leave us alone for long.
We could go to Mars -
they'd still find us!

l thought l'd broken it.
Talk of the devil!
l'll answer that.

Must be my old lady.
My sciatica!
l hope it's not flaring up again.

What's ''my ziatic''?
Sciatica's when you freeze up,
everything freezes up.