Le Souffle

You dealt me a heart.
Don't you want it?

l've no trumps.
Do l have to spell it out for ya?

l feel kinda funny.
Not that l've eaten much...

Thought you had spades...
Now don't cheat!
We don't cheat!
Keep an eye out, old-timer,
or they'll win!

l've got nothing, lad.
Jesus Christ!
lt's just not possible!

Hey, look what l found!
l wondered where he'd got to.
- He was sleeping it off.
- l pissed the furthest...!

- He was behind the log pile.
- Look at him!

- What a brother-in-law!
- What a curse!

Put your pants on,
or you can walk home.

l'll only get yelled at again!
l caught him once
and gave him such a hiding!

- This'll put you right.
- Enough!

You see, Mr Jack, he'd calm down
if he got the same treatment.

You mean the kid?
Got thrown outta school again.
Private school for him!

A kangaroo said to me
l was the most handsome.
Compliments come cheap this year!
He told me, he did!
He could talk, too!
The kangaroo...
The kangaroo told me.
l'm the tile king, me!
After the storm - the typhoon!
l'll redo your roofs, guys!
Shut up, you swine!
- Trumps!
- l thought you had nothing!

Takes one to know one!
- 1 more and that's it!
- What a surprise!

OK, kid, let's dance.
Oh, God!