Le Souffle

You bitch! C'mon!
Careful with your gun!... Your gun!
lt's OK.
Let's go to the river.
Yeah, if you like.
Let's go look at a porno mag!
A bone rag!

Bone rag!
Airplanes, airplanes
Make your eyes go up
Women, women
Make your cock go up
Up the ass, said the baroness
Seeing the baron's balls
I'd rather take it up the ass
Than see it hanging in the street!
Yeah, go on, girl!
Go on, girl!
My dad bought me another horse
for competitions.

My grandpa wanted to give me
a horse, but the fucker never came.

Mine's at home. lt's so cool!
You're a real daddy's boy.
lt's 'cause l'm good.
You're just a bunch
of rich bastards.

- My dad's a storekeeper!
- Yeah, right!

Those days are over!
There's still people starving
and people rolling in it!

Did you know Aurore's seeing
Maxime at lunchtimes?