Legally Blonde

I love that restaurant!
I heard Madonna
went into labor there.

Oh, gosh!
I have to go shopping!

I'll see you tonight. Bye.
Bruiser, what's this?
"Good luck tonight.
Elle and Warner forever."

Oh, that's so cute.
Oh, my gosh!
You guys are so sweet!

But I'm not positive
it'll happen tonight.

Hello! He just had lunch
with his grandmother.

You know he got the rock.
Why else would she have flown in
from Newport?

It's not like she'd Fed Ex
a six-carat diamond.

Do you really think?
I can't believe
you're getting engaged!

Oh, my gosh...
you guys have to help me
pick out the perfect outfit.

Come on!
I think you should go
with the red.

It's the color of confidence.
I don't understand
why you're disregarding...

your signature color.
He's proposing. I can't look
like I would on any other date.

This is the date--
the night I'll always remember.

I want to look special.
But not like I expect anything.
There's nothing I love more...
than a dumb blonde
with daddy's plastic.

Did you see this one?
We just got it in yesterday.

Is this low-viscosity rayon?
Yes. Of course.
With a half-loop
top-stitching on the hem?

Absolutely. It's one of a kind.
It's impossible to use
a half-loop top-stitching...

on low-viscosity rayon.
It would snag the fabric.

And you didn't just get it in.
I saw it in the June Vogue
a year ago.

So if you're trying to sell it
for full price...

you picked the wrong girl.