You know how much it hurts
when you burn your finger?

Imagine burning
your whole hand.

Imagine thrusting your hand
into the fire and keeping it there.

Your arm. Both your arms.
Your entire body.

Now, think of the hottest fire
you've ever seen.

Are you all thinking of it?
The hottest fire you've ever seen.

Well, it is nothing
compared to the fires of Hell.

The fires of Hell are a million
times hotter than any fire on earth.

And you will be in there.
Your entire body will be
in there, burning forever...

in the fires of Hell.

Can you help them to
imagine "forever", Father?

Think of a beach,
the biggest beach you've ever seen.

You go there.
You pick up a grain of sand.
You take it away.

You go back a year later and
take another grain of sand.

And the next year, another.
How long before you've removed
all that sand from that beach?

A billion years?
A billion, billion, billion years?

And forever hasn't even begun.
To burn forever
in the fires of Hell.