- What now?
- Dicky bow.

It's bloody jammed.
- For God's sake. What did you say?
- All right.

- Tell me what you said.
- No!

- Tell me what you said.
- No!

- Tell me what you said!
- You heard.

Don't you ever
talk to me like that!

- Come out. Don't hide behind a man.
- Don't go making a show of us.

- He was hard-faced, he deserved it.
- You hit my son, you can hit me.

- He deserved it! Look, get in.
- You get in.

- For God's sake!
- What do you want?

- You hit my lad.
- Yeah, he deserved it.

- I chastise my kids, no-one else.
- You should do it more often...

...they're growing to be hooligans.
- You'd know all about that.

- Meaning?
- The headcases you're bringing up.

I bring my kids up proper. They talk
proper, act proper and eat proper.

- And mine don't?
- Yours? Only when I feed them.

Every time I see you, you're
after a fight or a few bob.

- You've got a few bob, have you?
- Yes, I have!

You've got a few bob because your
husband goes down on his knees...

- You leave my husband out of this.
- ...kissing the gaffer's arse!

I've seen your husband do it, love!
I've seen him buy the gaffer ale...

and pick stumps up out the gutter.
So don't come the high and mighty!

- You've seen no such thing.
- I've seen it. Now get!

I smacked him cause he deserved it.
You should smack him even harder.

- Well, you'll smack him no more.
- I'll see him no more!

I'll see your bloody family no more!
I might save myself a few bob!

Listen to it! Listen to it!
We owe her half a crown!

- That's right.
- A lousy stinking half a crown!

- You'll get your half a crown!
- Good.

If it's the last thing I do,
you'll get your half a crown!

- You tight-fisted cow!
- Good.

- And I never wanna see you again!
- Good.