-What's this?
-A few hours ago, it was your tea.

If I'd known, I'd have took it the
ale house and put it over your head.

You haven't told her have you?
-Told me what?
-The yard's closed.

You knew?
What are you gonna do?
Go down the dock in the morning, see
if I can get a bit of casual work.

You and a million others.
-I'm not going to any priest!
-Why not?

-Get that idea right out your head.
-Why not?

-That's why.
-There's thousands on the parish.

-And I'm not gonna be one of them.
-We've been paying it for years.

I won't be beholden
to any priest.

And I'm not gonna see
my family starve.

They won't starve. Teresa's
working, Con's working.

-What they get is shirt buttons.
-I'll be working...

-I'll be working.

If I've gotta choose between your
pride and putting food on my table...

-You keep away from that priest.
-...I'm gonna put food on my table.

I want nothing off a priest!
For God's sake,
will you talk to each other?