-Is she in?

-You're wanted.
-Who is it?

Come and see.
Round two, is it?
-Half a crown.
-Your daughter's paid it.

I couldn't keep it,
so I gave it to Auntie Aggie!

I thought you'd get talking again!
I was trying to do some good!

I wasn't being hard-faced,
I was trying to do a bit of good!

Why couldn't you keep it?
Because I couldn't.
-Did he give it to you?

The man of the house.
Did the man give you that money?

For God's sake!
"Woe to you,
Scribes and Pharisees.

Hypocrites. You are like white
sepulchres: on the outside...

clean and beautiful,
but, inside...

full of dead men's bones and
maggots and stench and decay."

Now, that could be you at
your first Holy Communion.

Clean and smart
on the outside...

but inside,
in your heart and soul...

sin, filth, stench.
Woe betide you, if that's the case.
What will happen if that's the case?

We will burn forever...
in the fires of Hell.
Pick one to keep.
Pick one.