Lost and Delirious

No, no, no, that's OK.
Would be nice.
It's the first time
in 20 years

that one of the girls offer.
Sort of like a sign comming, you know,
like a dawning of the new age.

Yes well, I was just kidding.
I will ask Faye.
I mean Miss. Vaughn,
head mistress.

I'm sure she'll be OK with that.
Hey, what's your name?
It's in transition.
In transition?
I like that.
What do you spell it?
Is it "TH" or an "F"?

You are a little thinker,
aren't you?

I don't know.
Well, you are.
So, I'll be expecting you, "In transition"
And get yourself some gloves.
She's been planning this trip
to Italy all year.

I can't just call her up and be like
"Sorry mum, trip's off.

I'm going tree planting
in the west with Paulie.

Tori, you know what I want to do,
but I can't.
She's been acting really
psycho lately, Paulie.

And I don't know.
I have to spend time with her.
Besides, you and me will be together
in the fall at McGinnis.

We will be so... together.