Ma femme est une actrice

With a baby,
the play-acting is lover.

It'll work itself out.
You never thought of this before?
Find out if it's a boy.
-What's the difference?
-You'll circumcise a girl?!

Look, the problem is...
There's only a problem
If it's a boy.

For now, you don't know.
So next ultra-sound, you ask.
If it's a girl, you have time.

It's even money.
- Maybe you're right.
- I am right.

-That dummy.

I should've married him -
he was after me.

A nice Jewish boy.
How are you?
Fine and you?
Been so long. What're you doing?
Having tea with my brother.
Yvan, Georges...
We met. Ata friend of Sandrine's.
How long?
Since March.
I would have liked to be the dad.
I saw your wife's movie.
- Like it?
-Yeah, great.

Could I ask a question?
Does it bother you
being with an actress?

What's your wife do?
Dentist. Thank God.
- Doesn't it bother you?
-She doesn't sleep around.

Like mine does?
Well, that's her job.
No, that's whore.
No fucking around. I'm intrigued
by your being with an actress.

Is he stupid?
-Should've married you.

What intrigues you?
You don't mind her
kissing guys in films?