Ma femme est une actrice

You should go to the Tate Modern.
The what?
It's a museum.
With a great modern art collection.

-You, if it's not soccer...
- If it's not soccer,

and it's not you, darling,
then I don't care.

Like I have time.
-You do nothing.
- Right.

Now you look like your sister.
You'resure? You want to know?
Should I tell you?

It's a boy. All is well.
You can get dressed.

Great. A little boy!
Don't pretend.
True. For a dad,
nothing like a girl.
No. Dr. Djaoui, you're Jewish.
-Quit it.

-Talk now?
- He's a doctor.

Let's talk to a goy doctor.
That exists?
So he'll feel Jewish and inadequate?
Right, so let him decide
to do it or not.

At a certain age, It's hard.
That'll be a measure
of how Jewish he feels.

Could you do it now?
Why have my, dick cut?!
To have one like your son.
I want him to have one like mine.
Your son in your own image?
Like you're God?

Why shouldn't he?
Get circumcised.
I'm serious.
On the way home from the game.
Pass me the phone,
I'll make an appointment.