Ma femme est une actrice

I too am charmed, Colette.
How sweet.
I take pleasure in you.
I daren't note it too well
lest I reciprocate.
'Tis hardly decent to say it so.
See how hurriedly she goes!
She almost does it gladly,
which is bad for me.

It hardly pleases me!
Why incite me then?
Why rush to love M. Merlin?
Do you love?
I am obliged to
since I'm supposed to in the play.
And I'm a mockery
In this infernal game.

She pretends to favor him,
he to return her favor.

And 'tis all true.
For they're pretending to pretend.

Bravo. No, it was really great.
I swear.
Stop, It's embarrassing.
No really, you were great!
And you.
You were perfect. Incredible.
It's so true.
Marivaux's not bullshit.
You remind me of Charlotte...
Oh, yeah?
Come on, she's great.
She's hot.
Come on. You find her sexy?
She's so hot.
See who she's working with?
- Now he's a babe.
- No kidding.

- Major babe.
-Oh, yeah.

He ran out.