Monrak Transistor

Hey, this isn't real gold!
Yeah, this is fake!
I chased you all day for this?
You deserve a good kick!

You bastard!
His name is Pan
He's from my village
but I haven't seen him in years

I never thought I'd see him again!
Life is so unpredictable...
Hey, no legs outside the bars!
Some people are wicked as hell
but never get punished
Some of them do so well
they make you jealous!

Meanwhile, good people...
like Pan
strange as it may seem
it's as if God's mysterious foot
keeps them down...

all the way down
to this hellish shit hole

Strange, isn't it?
The May dewdrops tell me...
my true love is near...
But if you reject me...
the dew just trickles away
Love can turn to something else!
A room can shrink to a mouse hole!